About Us

Hey there, lovers!

I'm Teale, a goofy, energetic, and passionate holistic personal trainer on a mission to make women feel strong, powerful, and supported. Founder of two amazing ventures – Active By Teale and the evolving Lunar Love Club.

My journey into the world of fitness and well-being began with a profound love for movement and its transformative impact on both physical and mental health. High school was a bit of a maze, and I often felt a sense of loneliness. After taking a detour from the traditional 'smart girl' path in university, I discovered my passion for movement and mental health. This discovery became the cornerstone of my own healing journey – a journey toward a better body image, improved relationships, and unwavering self-confidence.

Active By Teale

Active By Teale was born in 2019 from my desire to create a space where women could embrace their fitness journey with kindness, excitement, and most importantly, support. It's the haven I wish I had as a teenager and young woman navigating the world. From personal training to group sessions, online programs, a podcast, merchandise, and soul-rejuvenating retreats, Active By Teale has grown into a thriving community. But I still felt there was need for a space where women could come to feel connected & inspired. A place to create the "retreat" feeling from aywhere in the world.

And then you meet Lunar Love Club, the hub of wellness and empowerment.

From my years doing personal training, I realised that women needed a consistent and sustainable way to prioritize their well-being, not just during occasional retreats but in their everyday lives - this is where Lunar Love Club was born. Through our products, events and our online content we spark a movement of women connecting adn reminding eachother to look after themselves.

Lunar is on a mission to empower women with products, events, and online content that celebrate wellness and foster a sense of community, self-love, and connection.

As we embrace this ever-evolving journey, I invite you to join us on this adventure, where well-being is not just a goal; it's a way of life. Let's build a global community where strength, joy, and support know no boundaries.

Sending you love and light,


"I want women to love life and themselves a little more"